Schlagwort: Daniel Schiffman

Daniel Schiffman

In my last blog entry, I wrote about a certain programming language called processing and its advancement for the web, called p5.js. Let’s say you are interested in learning p5.js / processing. It sometimes can be boring and demotivating to learn by yourself. Of course the links I gave you in the last blog post provide you with galleries that show coding results and also examples.

There is a more comfortable way to learn: with videos! Most videos have a narrator, but you do not see him and often the code is not very imaginative and solves problems that are often already explained on the web.

By accident, I found the homepage of Daniel Schiffman ( His youtube channel not only features videos about processing, but also about p5.js!! Exactely what I was looking for. His teaching style is very refreshing and you can watch for hours. I admit, the more advanced the coding problems get, the more breaks you need to accept some of the mentioned facts. I really recommend his channel if you want to learn programming and also have fun!

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